Stop looking at what everyone else is doing, and start paying attention to how you can shine with your strengths and natural abilities.

If you’ve been unsatisfied and unfulfilled with your current career, it means that you haven’t been doing the type of work in the way that you are best designed to do it.

A career or business that leads from your Genius Zone gives you the sweet spot of utilizing your best skills, your most natural ways to connect with people, and how you impact and create value for others.

When you lead from your Genius Zone, you’ll be able to start recognizing that your unique combination is your OWN formula of working and impacting, and that is what makes you fascinating and special.

Check out the video below where I break it down for ya, and grab the free course here to find out yours.


What are you great at?

If you’re like me, you are probably quite multi-passionate and talented.  You may have learned skills from your education, or throughout your work and life experience.  However, which are the skills you ACTUALLY want to keep in your tool-belt?

Your best skills and strengths to lead from are the ones you are great at, but also ones that you love and enjoy doing.  Just because you can do your own accounting doesn’t mean you would love to do it in your career.  Only focus on the skills that others value you for, but also ones you feel quite naturally drawn to do.

Start with taking a brain dump of all your skills and take inventory.  Don’t disregard soft skills and intangible ones like “I am a great team leader” or “I can chunk complicated information down to digestible pieces”.

Highlight the ones you believe you want to continue using or have on your side anytime you need to pull them out.  This will help you create some boundaries around your skills to determine what career or business you can create from these skills.


How do you best influence and connect?

Your best way of connecting with people comes from the strongest ways you can communicate with them. The style and way you deliver your communication needs to be in your most natural form, so it allows others to trust you when they see you in your most authentic way of expression.

What’s your most powerful way of influence?  How have you been able to convince someone or share your perspective positively with others?  What did you do to get someone to see your perspective or caused them to reflect deeply on what you may have said>

Not everyone should be on video.  Nor are some people best at writing.  And if you are, how are you showing up in that communication mode?  Are you blunt and to the point?  Are you someone that has a tone where people feel safe in?  Do you use a lot of evidence to support what you are saying?  Perhaps you get a point across by telling stories?

You should be picking the mediums of communication based on your best way of expression to determine this.  Then share the shit out of your story and perspectives using that medium as often and consistently as you can.


What’s your best way of providing value?

Money comes to you, when you are offering something of value, that others will exchange THEIR value of money for to get that solution.  What did you solve that others have given you positive feedback for?

How have you ALREADY offered value in your life and work experience?  Think about it.  I bet you’ve managed to give value already people in your life.   What is the most common thing they say that you are amazing at solving that they couldn’t?

List the different ways in your life and work experience where you have created value for others. Professionally, it may have been for your clients, bosses, and colleagues.  Personally, it may have been for a friend, family member, or even a stranger.


Your genius zone is the foundation for developing a business you’ll love

You can create a career that encompasses who YOU ARE.  Trust me when I say START here.  Don’t try to mold yourself to doing something else someone else is doing, or a business model or marketing style just because it seems “trendy”.

It’s harder to re-create yourself than to create a business idea that is aligned with you.  There are tons of business ideas out there, but there is only one of you.

You don’t want to feel like a glorified employee in your business, doing things you don’t really want to do.   That’s not why you wanted to leave the 9-5 for in the first place.  Being able to be an entrepreneur is the opportunity to create based on YOU.  The way YOU want to help.  The way YOU express.  And what YOU determine as the journey to lead your clients.

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