If you’ve been using Facebook as a social platform to connect to friends and family (and publish your “feelings” every 5 minutes), it’s time for you to use it for the benefit of your business creation and research for your ideas.

Everyone and their dog is on Facebook and sharing information on social media these days.  Which means, you can use that data to gain insight on how people feel and what their problems are that may be related to your business idea.

This is especially beneficial to your business because you can find out information on how people are experiencing problems, what pains them, what their perspective is about their issues, and find out how they are describing their pain.

All this can lead you to create solutions in your business that can help them solve it, validate particular ideas you already have, and help you understand your customer’s’ language to be able to speak to them when you market.

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Use Facebook groups to find your customers

The great thing about Facebook groups is that you can get in front of an audience that shares a common interest with you.  Whether it’s business, crafts, travel, books, productivity, you name it…there’s a group for it. Think about what interests your customers for your business will have to help direct you to a specific type of group where they may live.  For example, I know my customers may have interest in “digital nomads”, “travel”, “entrepreneurship”, and James Altucher’s group (and fans of his book) “Choose Yourself”.  So, I join those types of groups to start conversations with people or answer questions that may be related to my expertise or knowledge. You can even get more detailed to search for groups like:
  • Spiritual entrepreneurs
  • Online marketing women
  • Travel entrepreneurs
  • Travel writing
  • Changemakers or leaders
  • Retreats and workshops
If you’re searching for particular locations to target with certain people that live there, you can try adding the city or country after the keywords. Another tip is that lots of professional bloggers, writers, authors, coaches, and business owners have their own Facebook groups (like mine:  The Unconventionalists).  So, if there is someone you admire or have been following that may have an audience that would also be great for your business, you may want to look and see if they have their own Facebook group.  

Engage and connect with people to find out how to solve their problems

The key to using Facebook groups to be in front of your potential audience is to LISTEN and HELP.  Not to sell and push things down people’s throats, but to engage and connect. Some business and entrepreneurship groups may allow promotions, but check with the group’s rules (usually listed on the right sidebar) as to when these days are and abide by them. In all other days, engage and connect by:
  • Giving value – post something inspiring, motivating, or helpful to that particular audience and give them help that is related to your type of work
  • Be knowledgeable – answer questions people ask that may be related to your work, life, or passions
  • Being personable – share your stories, your success and failures, learnings, and anything that may give them a personal view of who you are as a human
  • Asking questions – you can ask specific questions about problems people have that are related to your type of work to gain insight (remember to help them when they tell you their problems)
Choose a few groups that may be of interest for now, and you can always pick the right ones to focus on when you have had time to gauge how people respond and connect with you. This is a great way to start the initial “sleuthing” on getting into the heads of your customers and also being in front of them to validate and ask questions around what you may be planning on creating for your business.

Download my free Facebook group post guide & see examples of posts to use

5 Facebook group posts to research, engage, and connect with your ideal customers


Dedicate a few hours a week to search for conversations related to your business

Schedule time in your weekly calendar to have conversations in Facebook groups to engage with your potential customers and listen to the way they describe their problems.  This can really help you craft solutions, blog content, or articles to speak directly to those problems.

No more having to guess what to write about, because people will tell you!

If you are a member of groups, your Facebook newsfeed may show you some posts from the groups, but you may have to check inside the group often to see most of the conversations.  A quick tip is to use the search bar inside of the groups and use keywords to search for particular topics that have already passed (so you don’t have to keep scrolling forever).

Keep mindful of the time you are spending on Facebook because it can be quite easy to get distracted and start spending way too much time on it.

Use a time blocking method of reserving only specific days and times that are purely for Facebook research and engagement, and stick to those times.  It may be 1-3 hours a week, whatever you can commit to, but make sure that it doesn’t take up too much of your time that will end up distracting you from other important priorities to create/build your business.

I’m curious to know – did you try using Facebook groups to connect, engage, and research your ideal customers?  What did you find out?



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