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Start this 30 day roadmap to help you make the jump from your cubicle with confidence. Do it with a step-by-step transition plan that helps you to prepare your mindset, finances, and work opportunities.

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Have a nagging feeling this 9-5 life isn’t for you?

Start this 30 day roadmap to help you make the jump from your cubicle. Get the confidence you need to reinvent your life and career with a step-by-step plan.

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Repurpose your skills into work you can love with this masterclass. Find a business direction by narrowing down your focus to create work you can be passionate about.

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“I was absolutely blown away by Lydia! Indeed a turn point in my life, she literally tore my lawyer suit apart and transited me on the road of entrepreneurship and freedom. Lydia is a combination of these things: frighteningly accurate emotional intuition, no-BS practical approach, and a highly infectious fearless fireball. If you are stuck in a soul-crushing rat race and serious about making the shift, I highly recommend working with her.” Elaine Sui


“Lydia strikes the right balance of compassion and non-nonsense ‘reality-check’ advice that has gently supported me in taking back my own power in my life.  She has guided me to look more honestly at myself and how I react to challenging situations that crop up in my life, helping me to identify the lessons that are blocking me from moving forward and creating my dream life.  Lydia’s coaching came along at the right time when I was ready to go beyond ‘sugar-coated’ support and suggestions from friends and step up into taking full responsibility for what I was experiencing in my life.  She is committed to helping me know my own value and her coaching facilitates me in a step-by-step process of moving into a new line of work that expresses my full potential and gifts.  I no longer have any excuses to keep playing it small!” Diane Hopkins

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“Lydia will get you out of your comfort zone quicker than you think. Her open and honest way of communicating will set you free! Lydia has helped me have faith in my skills and experience and use it in a way I feel comfortable to create my own company. Thanks to Lydia’s coaching method being scared is no longer part of my state of mind. She unlocked the go-getter in me and I couldn’t be more thankful. I am now ready to put myself out there, talk about my business with confidence.” Sophia D.

London, UK

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3 steps to plan your 9-5 exit strategy

Thinking of making bold moves to quit your cubicle?  That’s what I like to hear.  Huge congratulations on making the decision to start the ball rolling to take the leap from your 9-5 into a new life of fulfillment, creativity, and meaning that cannot be given to you in a 90 sq.ft. cubicle.

I want to share with you the three important things to prepare your exit strategy…

Lessons I learned from leaving a 6 figure job

4 years ago, I left a cushiony job that I was so fearful to leave for the longest time.  The dangling carrot of a 6 figure job and security of a paycheck wasn’t an easy decision for me to step away from.

And I bet you feel that way too, if you’ve climbed the corporate ladder, paid your dues, and are saying, “Am I a fool to leave?”, you’ll want to watch my video below.

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Get my 3-part video series to learn how to break free from the shackles of conventional work, so that you can quit your job and create your own path to freedom.

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Join me for a 7 day tropical retreat to create a plan towards your freedom-based lifestyle out of the 9-5.