It is lovely to imagine being paid to do what you love.  But where do you start? 

People exchange their value of money, when you offer value to them.  So not all things you love will equal being paid for it.  However, you are quite a multi-faceted person, so I am going to guess that you have a number of things that you would love to do.

You can stop the hustle of business pornography and looking externally at what other people are doing.  Because I’m here to tell you that you are quite equipped with something that is truly your own, where you can expand how unique you can do it, and make it yours.

In this video, I’m going to talk about a few ways to look at how you can start discovering how you can get paid to do what you love.


What’s something significant you’ve solved for yourself?

Many people who have started passion-based businesses or purpose-driven projects have come from this place.

Can you teach someone something that they are suffering with or that is keeping them up at night to solve?

Your personal experience with dealing with this problem will give you credibility and real life experience worth more than training on the subject.  Hello, first hand knowledge.

Your own stories that are linked to your business builds the trust that your current or future clients can relate to.  And it’s all about relatability.  What causes someone to choose your work over someone else that may do something similiar?

Damn straight it’s your story.

If you’re carving meaning and mission in your work, this may be a route of finding your business idea.

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Combine a really valued skill with a dash of how you can make it unique

Do you have a skill that is sought after and needed in the world?

How do you not get lost in the sea of people doing the same thing, and set yourself apart?

Let’s say you have a skill of graphic designer for websites or branding (totally needed in the world), but how could you infuse other skills or talents in the mix? 

Perhaps you love creating GIFS and it makes you giggle when you create a good one, and you love making people laugh.  It could be a piece you add with your services that includes a social marketing kit that includes gifs, funny memes about the brand, or an illustrated cartoon of the business owner

Perhaps you are an amazing writer AND a web designer, you can market yourself in a way that tells your customers, “Isn’t it frustrating when your web designer doesn’t take the time to read through your content and help with your copy?  Well, I do that too!  You will get the full she-bang of this if you worked with me”.

People are always looking for reasons to choose you over someone else.  So combining talents you already have to create something unique will help you get noticed.


What pisses you off and frustrates you, where you can see yourself helping to solve with your skills?

I love using some anger and frustration that I feel around issues in the world to fuel my passion.

We all have something we give a shit about – maybe it’s women’s rights, access to sustainable solutions, or maybe like me:  The frustration that we have to live within the rules and be unhappy about these choices.

Take a bit of time to find out what conversations you are currently having that may give you a clue to a message you want to be a part of in the world.

Then ask yourself:  What do I know to do, which could contribute to those topics, movements, or missions?

Let’s say you’re skilled at being an app designer.  And your frustration is about how the education process in schools just doesn’t work for certain kids, and they spend their lives believing their stupid because they just don’t learn the way the system defines as an “A” student.

Could you design a learning app, or alternative learning courses kids can take online, and market them to parents that also believe in what you believe in?  How amazing would it be for parents to be able to assess their kids on what their real talents are, before they shove them into a useless degree where that kid isn’t really even designed for in the first place?

PS:  Whoever makes this app, please credit me for this (kidding, but not really).

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It’s not about you, it’s about them

The key to figuring out how to get paid to do what you love, is to shift the focus from ME, ME, ME, to THEM, THEM, THEM.

A business is not about you, it’s about who you help.  How you’ll help, and why it matters.

Start with the WHY, then WHO you help, and then reverse engineer it to the HOW with skills you already possess, to create WHAT idea it can fit into.


Tell me cubicle crashers, what business ideas came to your mind as you watched this video blog?  I want to know so gimme gimme.


P.S. If you find today’s episode helpful, please forward it to a friend, colleague, or anyone you think that could benefit. And of course, comment below to speak directly to me and I would love to support you



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