This week, I’m joined by Derek Loudermilk of The Art of Adventure. He’s a coach, podcast host, scientist, adventurer, photographer and lately…the island model of very funky tropical shirts he’s gotten made in Bali. This episode will be all about adventure, exploring our curiosities and how new environments can show us what we really need to know to move as forward to our self-growth and development. We have a conversation about starting new ventures and life stages by exploring, learning, thinking big and connecting with the right people to create momentum for new ideas.


Episode 5 | Derek Loudermilk of The Art of Adventure

In this episode:

  • What brought Derek to Bali
  • What an “ecosystem” of life is and how to navigate through it
  • Why travel is an investment in the ability to live well
  • How being a scientist has affected his view on failures and lessons, that helped him as an entrepreneur
  • What his tipping point was before he decided to quit the 9-5
  • His favourite methods for connecting with others and sharing resources
  • An amazing public speaking tip called “power posing” and maintaining charisma while in front of an audience
  • What being charismatic really means (and why you probably already possess a version of it)


Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“One of my favourite things which I now tell a lot of my friends and other grad students about, who have to talk about their work is actually the work around power posing in charisma and body language. So, sneaking off to the green room or bathroom before your talk and taking up a lot of space, like holding your arms up above your head for two minutes and smiling, is a technique. You know, that’s the international pose for victory. Even blind people, when they win a game, they hold their hands up, so it means ‘human victory.’ It calms you down, it makes you feel powerful. And then just think about yourself: ‘I’ll imagine I’m the Dalai Lama, he’s very welcoming. Imagine I’m a five star general, or Mother Teresa.’ Then you say, ok, I’m strong and powerful and confident and you just walk in there and you have a little bit of these great people coming with you.”




“For the last five or six years, I meet every winter to go skiing with my college, cross-country team mates, and we ski all day and then we sort of teach each other in the evenings about everything we’ve learned in the past year. And it’s just sort of an organic thing, but I always find myself wanting to scale it up or bring that to other people. This sort of mix of physical challenges and bonding through physical activity and then learning at the other part of the day.”




“I think charisma is a learned thing. And the people who you think of that are naturally charismatic like Bill Clinton, he just learned all that stuff earlier than everybody else. So that was a big relief for me to hear that I could develop more charisma. And it was Olivia Fox Cabane who wrote in The Charisma Myth, the science behind what makes someone charismatic: warmth, power and presence are the three keys of charisma. So you can practice being present in a conversation, which is pretty clear on when you are or not present. Power is when someone knows that you can get things done, that you know you’re a powerful person and you command your world. Warmth is when you care about them and you can use your power to help them. That’s charismatic. One of my favourite exercises for being warm is just to imagine everyone with angel wings.”


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