I have with me today, Ben Keene, the Founder of Tribewanted and his mission is to build a global collection of eco-tourism communities. He also wrote the book Paradise or Bust, his adventure story of Tribewanted, which has been featured on a BBC documentary.

Working with other start-ups, Ben also helps free frustrated corporates at Escape the City. He’s also the Founding participant of THNK: Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, and a business advisor at Virgin Startup.

Ben and I met when he was running his first Tribewanted intake in Bali earlier last year, and I loved his passion for building communities and creating innovative startup ideas in collaboration with people.

In a world where ideas can be a dime a dozen, Ben shows that when you can use the collective minds of individuals that share a common value, this can inspire a movement of an idea that can be created faster than doing it alone.

Check out my interview with Ben below (and fair warning:  there’s a few spots where my internet was spotty after a rainstorm in Bali for video, but hopefully our wonderful conversation makes up for it) 🙂



Bringing people together in beautiful, off-grid locations to support sustainable community development and to experience living differently for a little while, people have joined Tribewanted to go to Fiji, Sierra Leone, Umbria, Bali, and Papua New Guinea.

It could be anything from learning to spear-fish off a remote island or building your startup from the jungle in Bali.


In our conversation we spoke about:

  • How the story of Tribewanted was born – Ben did a crowdfunding campaign with his first 1000 tribe members to rent an island in Fiji!
  • How he survived an island fire, a cyclone & a political coup in the first year of island life
  • Why Tribewanted could be your answer for developing your startup idea through accountability and collaboration
  • How the concept of Tribes are changing the way we work, interact, and collaborate with each other
  • The main reason people get stuck in careers they hate and how to become aware of what you need in a fulfilling career
  • What to do if you are riddled by fear but want to make changes in your life
  • Advice for people who are hunting for their tribe they can belong to


Ben Keene


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