In today’s series for the corporate escape stories, I am so excited to interview Anne Perry from Else Society!

Anne is the “Reality Architect” of Else – a digital society offering creative ways to experience a life connected to what matters most and a simplified path to make your most inspiring dreams possible.

After spending her early adult years burdened by debt and suffocating in jobs that drained the life out of her, Anne reinvented her life. She set up ways to work remotely while traveling around the world, and has spent a decade living “tiny” in cottages, motorhomes, and houseboats.


She has built several successful businesses that allow her to make a difference in the world doing exactly what she loves, with the freedom to take baths on Tuesday afternoons.

I invited Anne to speak about the practical ways to reconstruct your reality to have the life you want, and we got REAL about what it takes to start living your best life today (and stop waiting for divine intervention to hit you on the head).


Snippets from our interview:

  • We all have different versions of freedom we want to have in our lives. Anne breaks down the 5 different types of freedom where most people feel trapped in the hamster wheel of life
  • How Anne’s ‘something’s gotta give’ moment of barely affording a cup of coffee and avoiding calls from debt collector led her to consciously take back control of her life
  • We break down the most important step to start with even if you may not know what your ideal life or career will be about
  • How to ‘manifest’ in a practical way that allows more opportunities and ideas to flow in your life
  • The risks and obstacles you may experience when you go after your dream life, and Anne’s advice on overcoming doubts and fears
  • How you can start living your ‘Else’, even if don’t currently have it in your reality



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How to Quit the 9-5 and Create Your Path to Freedom!

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