Working From Home During COVID-19?

Many of you may be starting Monday with working from home in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis.

Staying sane and productive is important to all of us while we navigate changes in how we’re working without a workplace.

This can be an interesting experiment with remote working and how you make working from home work for you.

In this week’s video, I share 5 essential tips if you have to work from home.  Watch it before you start your Monday and I know it can support you as you make this transition.

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Video Episode Takeaways

  • How to start your day with a Morning Ritual now that you don’t have to spend hours commuting
  • How to create focus and boundaries when you work from home, especially if you live with family members
  • Three free tools to use to maintain communication and face-time with your colleagues
  • Why it’s important to practice movement during work hours to have a healthy physical body
  • How to nourish yourself without sacrificing productivity for meals

 Are You Currently Working From Home?
Share with me in the comments section about your experience!

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