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In today’s series for the corporate escape stories, I am so excited to interview Elaine Siu, an ex-finance lawyer who reinvented her career to focus her strengths towards a cause that she was passionate about.

She has started the first 100% cruelty-free, vegan, eco-conscious beauty e-comm platform based in Hong Kong with a vision to expand across Asia. Utilizing her lawyer skills, mixed with passion for animal welfare, she’s created an amazing business called Get Minimal.

I wanted to bring Elaine on the show today to share her story of how she did a complete 360 on her career direction, and the fear she overcame of branching out of her degree and what she knew to make a living, and her journey to honour her passion of transforming how people buy conscious products.


Snippets from our interview:


  • How she discovered her business idea for starting an eco-conscious e-commerce business
  • Why it was so important for Elaine to first find that bigger purpose and how that fuelled her intention to keep progressing with her business through tough times
  • Learn how she overcame her first time fears and self doubt to be able to launch a business?
  • How Elaine discerns the right advice for her business, and started to also trust her own inner guidance to know what is best for her
  • Her advice for new entrepreneurs – what people need to ‘get real’ with in order to live a bigger life
  • The 3 things that made the difference for her to be beat overwhelm and get the clarity she needed for the business she needed to start
  • Elaine and I discuss what new entrepreneurs should anticipate experiencing when they launch their big idea – how to move forward without being a perfectionist and doubting yourself in the process


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