Create Your Dream

5 Free Days To Kickstart A Business You’ll Love

Hi, I’m Lydia! My mission as the Freedom Instigator is to help you go from a fuzzy “someday” dream of starting a business to actually launching a meaningful business that’s profitable and purposeful.

Join the upcoming Create Your Dream Business Challenge and start having autonomy over your freedom and earning potential.

The challenge begins on Monday, Feb 15th!

“I’m living my dream life!”

Beaches, rice paddies, coconuts, and sunsets.. all while doing work that I find fulfilling and meaningful. I needed a clear path to freedom from the office taking my existing skills and creating a tangible business I can travel with. I would absolutely not be here as quickly if it wasn’t for Lydia!

– Ella

Gain The Freedom You Want With A Dream Business That’s Right For You

Day One: Discover Work You’ll Love

How to trust the call in your heart for bigger things and start discovering the work that lights you up *(even if you have no ideas or have too many ideas!).

Day Two: What Business Is Right For You?

Learn profitable dream business options that align with your personality type so that you can pick an ideal business model that’s meant for you.

Day Three: Making Money With Purpose

Get paid to do what you love by getting clear on the true purpose behind your work that’ll help you stand out, even if there are others that do what you do.

Day Four: Use Your “Genius-Zone” To Get Clients

You’re designed with your own unique strengths, values, and personality. I’ll be teaching you creative and meaningful ways to attract paying clients by staying authentic to who you are.

Day Five: Essential Steps For Launching Your Dream Business

I’ll share the powerful foundations for turning your idea into income so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start your dream business, without letting another year go by.

“I no longer have any excuses
to   keep playing it small!”

Lydia’s coaching came along at the right time when I was ready to go beyond ‘sugar-coated’ support. She gave me a step-by-step process of moving into a new line of work that expresses my full potential and gifts.

– Diane

“I used to be afraid to sell myself online.”

Thanks to Lydia’s coaching method being scared is no longer part of my state of mind.  She unlocked the go-getter in me and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I am now ready to put myself out there and talk about my business with confidence!

– Sophia