From Nightmare Job to Dream Business

Olivia Coleon, Founder of The Vibe Project

What do you do when your dream job doesn’t live up to expectations? Olivia Coleon thought she had landed hers in the music industry: glamour, excitement and late nights spent meeting emerging artists in New York City.

During her eight years in the music industry, she managed and produced partnerships for brands like PUMA, Ray-Ban, Nike, Guinness and American Express, handling key brand relationships with artists and overseeing marketing campaigns.

Her job was to figure out the core values of the brand and create a music strategy around it. But like many jobs in the creative industry, she found herself increasingly overworked and underpaid.

I was burning out,’ she explains.

She quit her job but then landed a new one for the London-based online music streaming platform Boiler Room, setting up their new office in NYC.

Three months into her job, she booked a flight to the Dominican Republic with her friend.

We were staying in a treehouse village. It was amazing but the music they were playing was awful. I spoke to the manager and said, tell you what, I’ll get you with some better music.

My friend said to me, This is what you’re good at, you’re great at figuring out the right vibe. So I went back home and quit my job at Boiler Room.

She’d heard about Lydia over two years ago after spending time at Hubud, a coworking space in Bali. And decided she needed to return to Bali to work with her to get her business of the ground.

I arrived in Bali and hit up Lydia in the first week and immediately we started working together.

We essentially did her 90 day launch program over seven sessions.

The best bit

The most valuable aspect of working with Lydia was putting my idea on paper, deciding on my audience and how to package my services.

After working together, we decided it should be music and atmosphere curation for restaurants, coworking spaces and events.

Lydia also made sure I got test clients. We got positive feedback which gave me confidence.

She helped me to keep me focused which is huge. She helped to keep me accountable. She brought up things that I hadn’t thought of and came up with suggestions of how and where to launch my business first. Her approach really helped me think about services and think about the brand as a whole.

Olivia now runs the Vibe Project, a company that provides atmosphere curation for restaurants, coworking spaces and events.

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Goal: Create a package with her services and validate her work with real customers.
Struggle: Not knowing what to do to create her business and feel confident that her work was valuable to others.
Wins: Validated her business offer with real customers through beta testing and received raving testimonials before an official launch.
Results: The Vibe Project secured three initial beta testers to be showcased on her new website, and worked on exciting projects with The Hive Singapore and Runway Asia.


90 Day Launch
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“The most valuable aspect of working with Lydia was putting my idea on paper, deciding on my audience and how to package my services.”

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