Today we are talking about the M word that can scare a lot of people in their boots. And no, I’m not talking about your Mom….we’re going to talk about Money.

Today’s guest is Amber Dugger from AmberDugger.com, a financial and wellness expert, known for helping her clients find actionable, simple solutions and empowering information that allows them to explore the sweet life with purpose. She mentors female entrepreneurs to run a profitable business by helping them get their money, cash flow and systems sorted.

I invited Amber to take the dread and mystery out of numbers to help you make sense of your finances so that you can prepare for your entrepreneurship journey without fear of money.

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And if you are someone who has already started a business, this interview can really help you understand how you can budget for your projects, pay yourself as a business owner, and learn a thriving money mindset.

Check out my interview with Amber below about how to set yourself up to stop being fearful of money, and learn how to use it as an ally to create your freedom business and life.



Valuable snippets from our video conversation:


  • How she transitioned from health coaching to a money mindset coach, and what changes had to happen in her life to take the leap from taking a high paying corporate job to being an entrepreneur

  • The most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make when it comes to money mindset, management, and their finances and how to understand your financial game more to allow it to guide you to do the things you want

  • A more positive way to think about how to get paid, and speak with your customers about price, when you’re afraid to be “sales sleazeball”

  • The key things new entrepreneurs and corporate escapees need to start thinking about for their personal finances first before investing in their business and what you can prepare for today

  • A simple way to budget for your business to pay yourself and know how much of what you earn can be invested back into future expenses like website design, coaching services, or paying contractors

  • An epic and simple online tool you can implement to make budget fun again, and give every dollar you earn (and spend) a purpose

Amber transitioned from health coach to money mindset coach in Bali when she realized how many startup entrepreneurs need a healthier financial mindset

Amber transitioned from health coach to money mindset coach in Bali when she realized how many startup entrepreneurs need a healthier financial money mindset


Find out more about Amber’s work and download her Biz Expense Tracker freebie

Her website: www.amberdugger.com

Free Biz Expense Tracker: https://amberdugger.com/bizexpenses

Sweet Life Purposeful Money Free Community: https://amberdugger.com/community

YNAB (You Need A Budget): www.ynab.com

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  • Money, A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want by Kate Northrup



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