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How To Pick A Business Idea When You’re Multi-Passionate

With Lydia Lee

Are You Feeling Frustrated When It Comes To Picking A Niche For A Business Idea Because You’re A Multi-Passionate Person?

But perhaps you don’t have to choose just ONE thing.

When you can embrace that having a variety of strengths, skills, and passions can be a wonderful gift, you can creatively choose how you showcase it in a business.

In this video, I’m going to share why not every passion should be turned into a business and how you can create a unique advantage by combining your passions and interests in one business.

When You Watch The Video, You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between a “hobby” and a business you want to create that can solve “problems” for other people.
  • How to combine your unique talents and skills to have a unique advantage in the marketplace.
  • Examples of how I use different interests (like mindfulness ,even when I don’t want to be a mindfulness instructor!) in my business to stand out and creative ways you can use your passions in other parts of your business!
  • How to feel confident in choosing a business idea to pursue when you haven’t worked with anyone yet (this is a game-changer I teach to all my students to validate their ideas before launching!).

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