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Building a Great Business With a Nomadic Family

With Lydia Lee

In today’s series of corporate escape stories, I interview Erin Kelly to pick her brain on how she got started and what she’s experienced living an unconventional life.

Erin is an OBM, and the co-founder of Member Vault, a content platform that makes your free and paid content look straight up pro.

She is currently living the digital nomad life in a 30 ft RV with her husband, young son and rescue hound pup.

Erin worked for Disney Publications in New York when she and her husband decided it’s time to take the leap and leave the corporate life behind. Despite being successful in her job, Erin felt stuck behind a desk in New York City when there is so much more to see in this world.

Working with her business coach Adrienne Dorison, Erin found her niche as an Online Business Manager. While developing a customized solution for one of her clients and seeing an increasing demand in the app, the idea for Member Vault was born.

Today, Erin successfully runs Member Vault while travelling across North America with her little family.

Snippets from the interview:

  • How Erin took the leap and escaped from her corporate job in New York and started her first business.
  • Why “going out and talking to people” didn’t only help her to define her niche but also brought her first beta-testers for her offer.
  • How Erin redefined her career from a corporate prisoner, to a successful OBM and the Co-Founder of Member Vault.
  • Her advice on shifting your mindset from being attached to what you have now to “getting uncomfortable with being uncomfortable”.
  • The challenges she faces while living a nomadic life with a family – what the pros and cons are of taking your family on the road.

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