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Building a One Million Dollar Business While Travelling to 32 Countries

With Lydia Lee

Brandon Pearce is living his dream life.  In 2009, he was living in suburban America with his family doing well enough, but feeling somewhat unfulfilled and stagnant in our personal growth. Looking ahead, he knew a bigger house, a newer car, and more comforts, wouldn’t ultimately add more meaning to their lives.

During the past seven years, he’s traveled with his wife and three daughters to over 32 countries while world schooling and running an online business. He’s the founder of, which he created as a hobby project, but now brings in almost $1million/year and employs over 20 people who all work from home.

As one of the 25 stories I am featuring in my upcoming book, Screw The Cubicle, where you’ll read about 25 escape routes of ordinary people who have unconventional lives outside of the corporate shackles, Brandon and his family are a great case study for people with families who may not think it is possible to travel and build a career with a family in tow.

Brandon has optimized the business to the point where he can maintain it by working just a few hours per week. When not traveling or hanging out with his family, Brandon shares inspiration on his blog,, coaches entrepreneurs and individuals to create the life of their dreams.

Check out my interview with Brandon below about how he left suburbia America to create a lifestyle and career that gave him more meaning and financial freedom, and how he juggles a family with 3 children on the road while visiting 32 countries.

In our conversation we spoke about:

  • His turning point of realizing that the traditional life wasn’t in alignment with his higher values and personal growth for him and his family
  • How his side hustle became his full time business, now generating $1M/year, and working only a few hours a week
  • Why he decided to sell his house and all the ‘stuff’ that goes along with it to live a minimalistic life (and what that taught his daughters)
  • How you continues to educate his kids without being bound to a particular location using world schooling and homeschooling methods
  • The hardest thing about travelling and living abroad and his tips for families that are interested to embark on an adventure similiar to his

Find out more about Brandon’s work and his personal blog about his unconventional lifestyle with his family on the road

Pearce on Earth – his family’s personal blog

Music Teacher’s Helper – Brandon’s business that employs 20 members of staff (that get to work from home), generating $1M/year in sales

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