Are you a new and budding entrepreneur trying to establish your expertise and build your list of followers for your work?

You’re in luck, because I have invited Bailey Richert to be this week’s interview guest on Screw The Cubicle TV, and speak about how you can use online summits to do just that.

Which of the following would you like to have more of in your business?

  • Email Subscribers?
  • Members in Your Facebook Group / Online Community?
  • Sales / Revenue Coming In?
  • Relationships with Other Influencers?
  • Authority in Your Niche?

Less than a year ago, I would’ve told you that there was no way that any one marketing tactic could give you all of these AMAZING business benefits.

But friends, that was before my business buddy Bailey introduced me to virtual summits.

A virtual summit is an online conference which an online business owner can host to grow their email list, establish their authority and increase their revenue.

If you’re an entrepreneur in the service-based industry (think coach, consultant, designer, nutritionist, etc.) you need to be:

  • Creating trust and authority in your industry
  • Getting in front of more people to get your brand known
  • Position yourself as an expert and influencer with what you know how to do

And online summits can give you access to all three of these things.

Check out this valuable video interview with Bailey that even got ME taking notes:



If you are an entrepreneur that sells information online uses your expertise to make a living, summits can be a great way for you to get visible and in front of an ideal audience for your work.

Summits include you as an expert, and other experts and influencers you can hand pick to join you. Being able to use a summit as a way to meet other influencers and use the opportunity to collaborate with other brands will also help you build your professional network!

  • Why summits are beneficial for newbie entrepreneurs to get their brand known and establish authority in your industry
  • How Bailey gained 1,170 new email subscribers in less than 3 weeks, earned revenue, built her online FB group, and gained visibility for her brand with a summit
  • How to create a win-win-win scenario for you, the experts you invite on your summit, and the people learning from your summit
  • Bailey’s awesome tips on the key things you will need to prepare when you launch your first summit – the three parts that will stop you from getting overwhelmed so you know exactly what to do
  • How to approach someone established or famous in your industry to be part of your summit without being a sleazebag and get a ‘yes’!
  • How to use summits as a way of creating your tribe and community, but also make revenue after the summit is completed

Do you have an idea for a theme for your summit that you would love to be able to introduce to your audience?

Hosting a virtual summit literally transformed her business in measurable and immeasurable ways in less than a summer. In fact she was able to put her virtual summit together in just 90 days!

I’ve teamed up with Bailey to capture her 3-phase methodology for launching a successful virtual summit, even if you’ve never done one before, into some free materials I’m excited to share with you today.

In Bailey’s free “Virtual Summit Set”, you’ll receive:

  1. An ebook about her 3-phase process for launching a virtual summit in 90 Days
  2. A 12-day flowchart showing her 90 Day process at a glance, and
  3. A resource list of tools you need to launch your virtual summit.

Join Bailey’s FREE Summit Training to learn the step by step process of how to plan, create, and implement your first ever summit in 90 days!


How to launch a virtual summit in 90 days


And we would love to hear more about your summit idea and why it excites you to use a summit to grow your list and build your authority.

Let us know below!