Building your audience and creating relationships with them through your email list is an essential part of growing your business.  You’ve heard so much about why the “money is in your list” and the importance of list building.

Having someone on your email list allows you to engage, motivate, and inspire them to your call to action.  Whether it’s buying something you’re selling or getting their continued support in your business, you have to build a relationship with them.

Email marketing, like any other form of marketing, requires intimate conversations.  And intimacy is formed over time through a relationship you have to build with your customers.

It’s shown that it takes a minimum of seven touch points of contact for an interested customer to turn into a buying customer.  There is a JOURNEY your customer needs to take in order to make a choice to work with you.

But with so many other people fighting for your audience’s attention and access to their emails, it takes more than just requesting for it, and more value-driven action to inspire them to hand over their personal information.

So how do you get this special privilege of being in someone’s inbox home?

Get my advice on the video below and read the rest of the blog (PS:  there’s a free download of my guide and workbook to help you create an awesome opt-in incentive to build your email list!).



Create trust and authority first

If you are in the business of helping other people, they are buying YOU.  Yes, they care about the outcomes you provide and all the features and benefits of working with you, but ultimately they are buying your experience, your expertise, and your approach to solving their problem.

They need to trust you.

They need to trust that you have the experience to help them.  Whether it’s because you’ve gone through the pain they are going through in order to understand how to get them to solutions and answers, or you’ve helped others achieve these results first-hand, they need to know this story.

Your story matters.  It is the purpose behind what you do and why you do it.  That purpose is going to attract your tribe of people that connect with it, and feel an alignment with your message and mission that’s infused into your work.


Share and give value like your business depends on it (because it does)

Give, give, and give more.  Don’t get stingy with sharing your advice, expertise, and know-how.  There can never be too much value that you can give to your customers.

Being generous with your giving helps you build an authority in the subject or topic your business is in.  When you speak, write, or talk often about how you can help and actually show the way, people are going to start recognizing you as the expert.

They’ll remember what you’re known for.  They’ll remember what you care about and what you’re great at.

If you said you got into your business because you love helping people, prove it.  Get in front of them and help them.

And don’t just save your best stuff for only when they pay you.  Give them the courage to do something right now.  Inspire them to act on their dreams.  Share advice that can get them unstuck from the place where they are, and to a place where you know they can be.


Create your opt-in incentive guide

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When your customers are able to receive value BEFORE they put their money down and pay you, they’re going to say, “Holy shit.  If her free content is so amazing, I can’t WAIT to see what it’s like to work with her for real!”

You want to lead your customers to buy your products or services from you.  And you can lead them through value-based content and giveaways to wet their appetites of what can be expected from your work.

It’s like a “taster” of your experience, so that they can be hungry for more.


Draw new customers in by solving their most immediate and urgent pain point.

An excellent way to have potential customers exchange their email for your value is to offer an Opt-in Incentive.  You can also call it a lead magnet or a freebie giveaway.

Your Opt-in Incentive is the taster that draws your customer to your core offer and work with you.

The easiest way to get people interested in your core offer is to grab people by the hand, and persuade them to sign up with their e-mail in exchange for a powerful incentive of a solution that can solve a big aching problem for them right NOW.


Download your free guide


Your Opt-in Incentive should:

  • Promise a SPECIFIC result and have a solution to ONE problem
  • Quick and simple – no more than 2 hours
  • Consistent with overall message of your business

Your Opt-in Incentive can include:

  • Secrets
  • Insights
  • Resource Lists
  • Step-by-Step Guides

The advice you give in your opt-in should be ACTIONABLE for your audience.

If you’re gearing up to go, let’s get you started on brainstorming and plan out your opt-in incentive to use as a magnet to your core offer.  Download my free guide and workbook to get you started on creating your ultimate Opt-in Incentive!

Then you’ll be able to sell on automation, using e-mail nurturing after they sign up, and of course, be building your golden e-mail list.

Gain your influence and build the trust of your audience consistently

Having a great Opt-in Incentive is not the only way to give value in exchange for your customers’ email to build relationships with them.

You can grow your influence and reach of your audience by providing consistent daily or weekly value that they can see often, even if they’re not on your email list.

My course, Startup to Sold Out, has a full module just on identifying how you influence and which marketing strategies best suit your style of delivering your message in your business.  You will want to check it out here if you want to finally get serious about launching your business, creating an offer to sell, and learn how to market it to the right audience.

Are you someone that gets your point across better by speaking?  Perhaps a Youtube channel or Periscope may be your jam.

Are you better at writing and can impact better this way?  Try writing more blogs (write on Medium.com if you don’t currently have a blog) or pitching articles to online publications where your audience hangs out (Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Mind Body Green, etc.).

Maybe you really enjoy facilitation and love getting people together.  You may consider running your own Facebook group community or host a local meetup where you lead them.

Choose a way of delivering your influence in your most natural ability.  Don’t get swayed by doing it in a way that someone else is doing just because you see them having success doing it.

Get real with how YOU want to motivate, inspire, and connect with your audience.  And then choose the right platform that showcases you in all your natural glory.

The most important thing to remember is choose the platforms that showcase your voice, style, and way of influence in your most authentic way.  That way, you will actually enjoy doing it, you’ll do more of it, and it won’t feel like drudgery (uber important, yes?).

And when you’re starting out, commit to only one or two platforms.  This allows you to focus and grow your influence faster than trying to dabble into multiple platforms and not being able to really test them out efficiently.  And not to mention, you’ll get overwhelmed.  And that’s not good for you, or your audience.


How will YOU build trust and authority in your business so you can exchange that value to your customers to build your email list?

I would love to hear about your natural ways of connection and influence that have already showed up in your life.

How have people been attracted to what you have to say in your experience so far?  What’s your best way of expressing your view, helping, and building trust?

Tell me below!

PS:  If you want to create an offer that your ideal customers will buy and learn how to market it in your own unique style and influence, check out the Startup to Sold Out course!


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