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Client Success Stories

Here are just a few success stories from past and present clients.
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Tracy’s story

Tracy was a senior engineer in her busy 8-6 job when we started working together. She was finding increasingly unfulfilled in her work and desired more time for the things she loved (like burro racing!).

Tracy spent many years feeling she was ‘meant for more’, and needed mentorship to create a self-employment pathway.

In the first few months of working together, we negotiated a successful remote position so she can work more productively at home being an introvert. Within the first year, we strategically transitioned her to set up as a Consultant, and she doubled her income by working for herself.

Tracy has recently started building her team, moved closer to mountainous hikes she loves, and experimented with digital nomadism in Nicaragua for a month. Oh, and she’s still defending her title as Champion Burro Racer!

If you’re open to changing your habits and belief systems, and truly be pushed out of your comfort zone to create a lifestyle and work life balance of your dreams, Lydia is your coach. She’s straightforward and she cares deeply about helping people build a lifestyle where they can thrive and be of a benefit to themselves, others, and the world around them. Working with her changed my life and my approach to work entirely. I no longer dread work!

Catalina’s story

Catalina was transitioning from her corporate job to an independent career when we started working together.

It was important to her to feel purpose in the way she she was making a living.  By repurposing her unique set of skills and strengths towards a more meaningful direction, we discovered her best niche to focus on and what to offer in her services.

Since working together, Catalina has launched a location-independent business supporting influential women to share their big missions through the power of video.

She’s loved having lifestyle flexibility as a new momand has big plans to incorporate more travel into her family’s life.

Lydia has such an amazing gift to translate people’s special gifts into something they can do for a business. One thing that was super important for me was to understand the value of what I bring to the table in my work. I cannot thank you enough.

Dan’s story

Danny was a successful 7-figure business owner and a serial entrepreneur when we first started coaching together.

After suffering from a life changing burnout, he was called to share a new body of work that emerged from his personal pain.

We worked together to clarify Danny’s new vision for meaningful work and leveraged his life story to identify the concepts and philosophies he feels passionate to teach.

Since working together, Danny has launched ‘How to Human’ trainings to clients like Google and nominated for the Best Business Podcast in the Asia Podcast Awards. 

He enjoys the combination of running multiple businesses with a team, and also scratching the itch for personal projects that are near and dear to him.

These days, you can find Danny working with emerging leaders and passionate individuals to go after their success without sacrificing their wellbeing to do so.

Lydia is the reason behind many of my personal breakthroughs this year. I started my coaching practice and launched corporate trainings and team development workshops with some of the biggest organizations in Singapore. I’ve been able to fearlessly tackle my personal and creative challenges head-on with the laser focus coaching!