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Reinvention Stories: Project Manager to Health Coach

With Lydia Lee

I’m so excited to feature a new initiative with Reinvention Stories and introduce you to Birta Bjargardottir (a.k.a. ‘Bee’) who I coached in the 90 Day Launch program, to start her brand new business at Ubebu.

In her previous career, she’s worked successfully with children, teens, politicians, heads of state, Hollywood actors and wild animals – what a variety!

“After years of thinking about putting more time into my own ideas and passions, I’ve managed to make this happen for myself within a few months.” – Birta

When I started working with Birta this year, I was enamoured by her vivacious energy and the deep work she’s passionate about to support others in living an enriched and healthy life.

After surviving cancer as a child, she was empowered to take a more mindful approach to life. What I love about Birta’s work is that she discerns what you think you have to do to ‘go green’, and simplifies how to incorporate healthy eating without feeling shame or guilt when you’ve missed the mark.

Birta now develops personalized plans for busy professionals and individuals who want to feel energized and live wholeheartedly. With an emphasis on plant-based eating, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, she’s a wonderful sidekick to anyone who wants to take back control of their health and lead a more balanced life.

Here’s Birta’s very own words on our experience coaching together and what she’s learned to launch her business.

What prompted you to decide to work with me?

I was working as a manager in a natural history institute and an environmental organization and now I am working as a holistic health and wellness coach. A lot of my experience, education, and skills I already had have been extremely useful in my current work.

Coach’s Corner:  It was important for Birta and I to leverage her strengths and utilize the deep knowledge and experience she already has in her toolbelt. This way, she’s building her body of work with her business and there’s a great story she can tell about the purpose of her work transition and why she expanded her gifts.

What was the biggest transformation you experienced (personal and professionally) from working with me?

I gained a lot more direction and focus, and was very happy to take the steps needed to make things happen for me. I would probably have managed to put something together without working with Lydia, but I am 100% certain that that would never have been as good or focused and well put together.

Coach’s Corner:  Working with Birta to define the framework for her wellness coaching business was instrumental in providing her the confidence to know how to create results for her clients in a repeatable process. Digging into Birta’s unique ‘secret sauce’ and coaching roadmap was one of my favourite parts of working with her! And bonus? Clients are more inspired to buy an ‘experience’ where they can trust a dependable process for their goals.

What have you learned most about yourself and your own capabilities since starting your next big thing?

In short, I would say that I got out of just thinking about all the ideas I had and managed to get unstuck and work directly towards some of these ideas, which have now come into fruition. The fact that I have now, after years of thinking about putting more time into my own ideas and passions, managed to make this happen for myself within a few months. It’s fantastic and I am very grateful to Lydia for all her hard work and help with this!

Coach’s Corner:  One of the things I love most about Birta is her accountability to show up consistently to act on her ideas. How did we do this together? By embracing imperfection action and crafting mini-goals to create easier ‘wins’. This totally allows her to ease herself into feeling confident through doing and eliminated the overwhelm most first-time business owners face when planning for their launch.

If you were to speak to someone who is contemplating to reinvent their life and work, what would be your advice for him or her?

I would say that he or she should go for it! Life is too short and precious to waste it on something you’re not passionate about. Obviously sometimes the current situation can be complicated, but there’s always a way to work towards your goals, whether you have to take small steps, to begin with, or not. I would also absolutely recommend working with someone like Lydia, to help you focus on what you want and go confidently in that direction.

Coach’s Corner:  Like many people, you might be wondering ‘what’s next’? You’re meant to do remarkable things; to create big ideas, take action and change your life and the lives of others. If Birta’s story resonated with you so far, and you feel the call to create work that’s meaningful to you, learn more about why mentorship matters in your journey.

What are you most excited about in Your Next Big Thing?

I am really excited about being able to help people reach their health and wellness goals. Surely we all want to feel good, both in our body, mind and soul? Working together towards this, finding more balance, more energy, and more focus, is something that truly brings both my clients and myself joy, and is highly rewarding all around.

Birta celebrated the new launch of her website and has a generous free gift with a complimentary 7-Day Good Morning Sunshine program, to kickstart your morning right with simply + yummy vegan breakfast recipes that give you a dose of great energy before you start your day. And bonus? It includes Birta’s daily grounding practices to support you in starting a positive day with intention.

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