Be Visible, Get Clients


Create Your Brand & Grow Your Tribe


It seems so easy, right? Create a business, have a snazzy website, and your clients will come looking for you.

You know that business isn’t as easy as “If you build it, they will come”.

You may an amazing product or service, and you feel like the best kept secret, and you’re frustrated that you aren’t getting noticed in the noisy online world where everyone is shouting about their business over top of yours.

But the problem isn’t about other people, it’s about you.

No one knows about you because you aren’t showing up online as often as they are.

Being visible doesn’t have to feel sleazy.

But it is a non­-negotiable to show up for your business to get clients (because you won’t have a real business if you do not have this).

And this can be done in your own way.

You can build your credibility and authority that is required to attract your clients by taking an approach to give immense value right of the get­-go, help in your most authentic way, and lead people to be fascinated to work with you.

Your gifts and the impact of your work deserves to be shared. And I want you to stop hiding behind your business.

I know it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a new entrepreneur to get clients when you’re unknown and you feel like the world’s best kept secret.

Enough is enough.

I want you to start shining publicly with your strengths, so that you can invite the right people to work with you.

An influential leader and successful brand creates their own unique way of delivering their message, instead of falling into the trap of being like everyone else.

This is why I’ve created Be Visible, Get Clients.

A 5 week program to help you create a focused, strategic visibility plan that works for you, so that you can turn your skills, strengths, and communication into customers, impact, and influence.

In this program, I teach the 5 strongest marketing and online visibility approaches that have put my business and brand in front of a global audience, even with a multitude of competitors that do what I do.

You don’t have to wait until you’re Oprah-famous to get noticed, and you damn well don’t have to wait to start impacting people with your work right this minute.

From being interviewed in publications like The Telegraph and Virgin as an expert in my industry, selling out coaching programs, retreats, and online courses, to curating a community of people who follow and support my work, I have used these strategies to share my voice and get the clients that I love working with.

Got over my fear of self-promotion & sold my first program

” Lydia has helped me get over my fear of self promotion and led me find my voice to connect with my ideal clients in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy. With her coaching, I’ve built my list, hosted my first webinar, and sold my first ever program in less than 30 days! “

Clare Harrison
The Story Scientist


The investment for this coaching program is $1,899 (payment plan available upon request).

There are limited spots available.  

To Get the Customers You Deserve, You Need a Visibility Plan

This involves different ways to deliver your message, showcase your unique value, and give your future customers sneak peeks into how your business can transform their lives.

If you’re in the people business, people are buying YOU. They need to be in your world as often as possible to convert from interested to buyer.

This is what I’ll be teaching you so that you can connect and build real relationships with your clients to nurture them into trusting you as an authority and expert.


starCraft your brand’s voice and powerful way of influence and play up your strengths to connect best with your customers

starIdentify your ideal client’s struggle and most active pain points to craft a content plan to showcase your expertise to solve their problems

starMap out your strongest angles and topics that hit home for your customers and never guess what content you’ll need again for your blogs, articles, video blogs, and social media posts


starCreate your strongest opt-­in incentive (a.k.a. lead magnet) to get more subscribers and grow your audience

starSet up your opt-in landing page and your email system to automate it (and get subscribers while you sleep!)

starDesign your marketing plan to create more engagement with your opt-in so you can be well on your way to building your list (even if you’re at zero)


starLearn the simple sales funnel that you can re­use over and over again for your different opt­-ins and value giveaways to nurture your list and convert them to clients

starGet my brain to design your email sequence to nurture your customers from interested to buying

starSet up your email automation to get your simple sales and marketing funnel to work for you on autopilot!


starImplement my list building strategy that gets you more subscribers, especially when you’re a new business

starCreate a blogging strategy that gets more subscribers and create more value for your ideal clients

starCraft your blog content strategy and create your content calendar


starIdentify your strongest and most engaging topics to teach in webinars ­to build a list and create authority

starGet my full tech training on how to:

  • Set up your webinar using Leadpages (or your WordPress site) with Google Hangouts
  • Create your registration and thank you page for people to sign up
  • Step­-by-­step instructions on how to run your webinar without technical headaches
  • Learn how to design your slides and engage your audience while you teach

starLearn how to facilitate your webinar, gain credibility with your audience, and market your services and products


Every session is intimate and personalized to you, and you’ll get to keep the recording of each call.

You’ll also be receiving weekly actions to ensure you are being accountable and feeling confident in doing all the steps with my guidance to promote your business.

As a coaching client, you’ll also receive the benefit of unlimited access to me in between sessions!


The investment for this coaching program is $1,899 (payment plan available upon request).

There are limited spots available.  



  • The Must-Haves of a Successful Online Business ebook:  My favourite and go­-to tools you need to run a location-independent business
  • 30 minute strategy coaching call: 30 days after our last session to follow up on the visibility and marketing plan you’ve implemented

Build my list from zero & got my first clients for my new business

“As an introvert, I needed ways to put my business and gifts out there, but wanted to do this in a style and tone that fits who I was. Lydia was amazing at guiding me to use online tools to help me showcase my talents, and I was able to do it in a way that I felt authentic doing. Once I learned how to self promote without being like everyone else, I was able to build my list from zero to getting my first clients and facilitating my first webinar!”

Diane Hopkins
Word and Wing

How will this program help me?


You need help and support on a visibility strategy, but also to learn how to implement the online tools to help you get out there with ease.

This program not only helps you craft the right topics, themes, and content that will attract your clients to you, but also training on how to set up the technology so you get the full know­-how.

Do I have to be an established business to be known?

Absolutely not. This is the point of this program, to help you get known!

I get it’s frustrating to get clients when no one knows who you are. But this can be changed. And it doesn’t have to take you years of “proving yourself” to do so.

This program is going to help guide you to show up online as an expert, create trust and credibility with your future clients, find your clients to market to, and build your list with people that are the right fit for your business (even if you don’t have a list yet).

Is it only for people that don’t have a business yet? What if I have one already?

This program is 100% a good fit whether you currently have an active business or not. The difference is ­ is your business generating the interest or are you hearing crickets? Whether you are a first time business owner (and just learning how to market and promote yourself), or if you are someone who have already launched a business (but not getting clients or hiding when it comes to self promotion), this is the course that is going to change all that.

What results can I expect?

My goal is for you to learn and implement the visibility strategies that are going to get you known and in front of your ideal clients (on­going!). This means you not only come out with a strategic plan that is meant for you, but also the “how­-to” instructions on how to use the online technology tools to make it happen (I’m so not going to just give you one half of the whole puzzle).

This is strategy, planning, AND implementing.

You’ll also be able to articulate the value of what you do, and know exactly what to teach or give to your clients so that they in turn view you as the go­to source for the topics your business wants to be known for.

After completing this program, you’re going to be able to start generating leads and ideal clients to your online doorstep, which is going to build your confidence as a business leader in your field.

I’m Lydia Lee, and I’m the Business Creator Coach for new and up and coming entrepreneurs looking to create and grow their online business.

I’ve been helping talented corporate escapees just like you to own their self expression, do work they love, and create impact and meaning with their careers.

In the past 4 years, my business and mission have been featured on The Telegraph, Forbes, Virgin, Huffington Post, and Elle Canada, and it’s not because I hired a PR firm to represent me. I was found and have built my authority around my brand because I have put my message out there by being visible.

Yes, I believe you can do this too, and that your work deserves to be in front of the people that need you the most.

And I know my simple but effective approach can help you do it authentically and more efficiently, so that you can get straight to the results of finding your ideal clients and building your credibility and expertise with your own community.