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I’m so excited about the conversation I get to have with my podcast guest this week, Arthur Carmazzi who founded Directive Communication Psychology, because we get to talk about a two huge topics that I love – FEAR and IMPACT. He is ranked as one of the world’s top 10 thought leader gurus in leadership. He has supported over 250 individuals to screw the cubicle with new careers as international trainers and consultants… some who are making in excess of $100,000 per month.

Arthur’s message with his work also resonates with mine. He believes that one person’s footprint can make a huge impact. For him it was a teacher in 8th grade, Mr Bacchus, who literally changed his destiny, and you’ll hear a bit about that on our interview.  The footprint we create during our lifetime can affect the course of history, or not even be noticed; the choice is up to you. I hope you enjoy our conversation about how we can change our perception of fear and risk, and get courageous in showing up in our best work in the world.


Epic Imprint


Episode 1 | Special Guest Arthur Carmazzi

In this episode:

  • Arthur’s corporate past and how he left the cubicle to pursue his passion
  • What he learned from going into debt and how it shaped his business mindset
  • What your brain type says about how you communicate with others
  • Finding ways to identify and move past your fears in order to be present in the work you want to do

Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“A lot of people look at their problems as problems, but if you just take a different look at the problem you’re having, it can potentially be a brilliant opportunity, because you’re not the only one having that problem.”




“Let’s look at the science of risk, or risk adversity. There’s two factors that are involved with why people will or will not take risk. Part of it, unfortunately, is genetic, some people are just less risk adverse from a genetic perspective, which kind of sucks, but the other half is based on your environment: what your parents told you, what your teachers told you, what culture  and society told you. But here’s the thing, NOT taking action is also a risk. Often times when we get involved with people that are risk adverse, it actually goes back into real risk assessment. If you DO NOT take this plunge, if you DO NOT move forward, if you DO NOT take some action, there is a risk of basically having mediocrity or WORSE. What is going to happen potentially in the future, what will you lose if you continue?”




“The people you surround yourself with, literally feed you either the bullshit or the potential of what you really have. And as much as I really appreciate human beings, there ARE people who will suck out your positivity, and you gotta get those people out of your life. I can assure you, it will change your life.”




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