Freedom Mindset

An Unconventional Life Takes Guts & Courage

With Lydia Lee

Choosing An Unconventional Life Takes Guts And Courage. 

Making a decision to live an unconventional life that isn’t on the traditional path of what others define as success isn’t easy.

And it’s not really our fault.

When we look at our neighbours, colleagues, bosses, and family members, we see most people on the traditional trajectory of what society defines as ‘success’.

That mortgage.  The nice car.  Owning more things.  Getting a more respectable title at the office.  Paying more attention to the zeros in our bank accounts than the time we have with people we love.

But, perhaps you want something different.   Perhaps you no longer fit into ‘life as usual’.

What’s it really costing us to NOT pursue a life we really want to have?

To be able to have guts and courage, we must first understand the following:

– What is it costing you to continue to live a life without the meaning and fulfilment you desire?

– What is it costing you emotionally to not go after the dreams you have in the backburner?

– How do you feel about yourself when the path you’re on is no longer the path that you want to pursue?

– How does it affect the people around you when you aren’t doing the things that bring you joy? 

To have the guts and courage, you need to know what it means to you to have what you desire, but also what it is costing you not to have it. 

We have to let go of what we believe people will think about us if we chose a different path.

We have to relinquish our sense of comparison to ‘keep up with the Joneses’.

We have release attachment to an identity that’s only in our professional titles and redefine who we want to become.

We have to embrace change and uncertainty because living a bigger life requires this.  We don’t move and take steps unless there’s reason to do it.  So what is your reason and your WHY?

Identify And Define What An Ideal Life Means To You.

Your ideal life may not be one that’s confined to a 65 sq.ft cubicle.

You may be someone who wants to work, to contribute to society, and to do work that matters to you and the people you want to help.

Learning how to create your own unconventional life also requires you to create a new way of working that allows you to earn a good living, but one that supports the lifestyle choices you want to have.

If you want to reinvent your life, you’ll need to learn how to carve a path of your very own, even if it feels uncertain and unknown.

In the world we live in today, there’s no better time in history where more independent work opportunities are afforded to us than ever before.

Remote work, solopreneurship, and location-independent businesses are rising options that many individuals are taking advantage of to be able to have autonomy and freedom in their lives.

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