An Unconventional Life Takes Guts & Courage

Screwing the cubicle.  What a concept.  To say a big FUCK YOU to conformity and being dictated how to work and when to work.

It’s not a journey for the faint hearted.  It’s definitely not a journey to trek for just the glory of money.

Making a decision to live an unconventional life that encompasses more of what you want create and do daily sounds like a dream to most.  But then, why is it that most of us don’t end up choosing this road?

Why do we continue to slave over jobs that we can’t stand?  Why is it when we know intuitively that we desire a different type of life but put it in the back burner because it seems like “something nice to have but probably won’t happen”?

The better question is, why does the cost of risking the unknown and continuing to not live the life we want TRUMPS the opportunity of pursuing a more purposeful and fulfilling life?

It takes guts and courage.


To be able to have guts and courage, you must first know the following:

If you choose to continue the same pattern and way of living when you aren’t satisfied or happy:

  • What is it costing you to continue to live a life without the meaning and fulfilment you dream about?
  • What is it costing you emotionally to not have the freedom to live, work, express, and explore in freedom?
  •  How does this affect people other than yourself?
  • How does it affect your entire perception of the world and what is possible?

If you could live a life that you truly desire, a life of genuine alignment and authenticity:

  • What does it mean to you personally to see that your life has meaning and purpose?
  • What is your emotional state when you get to choose and create based on who you are?
  • How will your life change to know that you CAN and that it’s POSSIBLE to have an alternative lifestyle that you don’t have to wait on vacation days for?
  • What important parts of your life would be even better if this was true?  Your relationships to yourself and others?  Your view of the world?  The confidence to pursue things that are close to your heart?

The truth of the matter is…..nothing changes if you choose to do nothing.  But every little thing you do differently creates a completely new reality for you.


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To have the guts and courage, you need to know what it means to you to have what you desire, but also what it is costing you not to have it.


We don’t move and take steps unless there’s reason to do it.  So what is your reason and your WHY?

I had to ask myself the same questions when I was in the midst of transitioning from corporate hell to my own business.

I knew it wasn’t going to be sugarplums and gumdrops in my entrepreneurial journey.  But I also knew that when the time came for me, lying on my deathbed, I would like to tell a story of courage and meaning.  I wanted to have a legacy that inspired my family and people that knew me.

I wanted to be heard.  And I wanted to live.  A real life.

I already knew the story of what it would be like to continue living the life I didn’t want at the time.  That story has been told, and the distaste for it repeated itself for years.  What would change if I didn’t make a change?

You get the guts and courage when you have identified and defined what an ideal life mean to you.

When you understand and validate what you want to feel, what you need to do to feel that more often, and how you will do it…. the guts and courage will feed into your soul because you can’t imagine not wanting it after you know what it is.

You will also need to change your perception into what is ACTUALLY possible, because sometimes your logical brain will make up all types of stories to tell you why it can’t work or happen.  Of course it does that.  If you have a certain beliefs in your life, limiting or not, your mind will create stories to fit into THAT reality.


So the only way is to create a new reality and tell a different story.


Being able to see possibilities of living an unconventional life takes commitment and a desire to want to see it.  There are real stories of people who have been in your shoes, made the leap, and now have better stories to tell.  Their journey also comes with ups and downs, but so does life in a traditional/conventional life.

Both types of lives take commitment and focus, so why not towards the direction you actually want to go?

The choice lies with you, and only you.  To feed your courage, or to feed your fear. Fear can be eliminated once your mind can see the possibility, and clarity on a direction to get to that possibility.  But first, you must make the choice to seek out possibilities and accept that there is more to the reality you are currently living.

Start with why.  Know what it truly means to you.  Know what you genuinely want to feel on purpose in life and work.

Find out what is really possible and be inspired by others who have done what you want to do. And give yourself permission to walk that path with focus and conviction.

Like your life truly depends on it.