Amplify Retreat

Let’s adventure, plan, and amplify your business in Bali
May 12 – 17, 2019

Your invitation to get off the hustle train + build a better business

We’re told to do more, earn more. Be everywhere, hustle everyday. Spend more time adding more social platforms or launching more products.

What if being successful and having a great business means earning money doing things you not only find enjoyable, but can powerfully impact the goals you have with your work?

Or marketing in a genuine way that connects you with the right people (and not just building more numbers on your email list)?

Or creating one powerful offer where you master your expertise instead of selling more things?

What if there was a new and fresher approach to being profitable but not hustling your way through it all?

I have taught and mentored hundreds of creative business owners, and we all, at some point, feel the same way: tired, defeated, uninspired, overwhelmed, or alone.

I believe, with all of my heart, that the most effective prescription for this is the combination of support and space to take your foot off the pedal, and gain some fresh perspective.

I had always longed for a retreat like this.

It seemed like everywhere I turned, the other business retreats were focused on how to be more famous, how to be more popular, how to hustle your ass off, how to do this fool-proof formula and ‘you too, will be successful’, and I was left wishing for a space where I could do the opposite.

I longed to turn off my phone, turn off the ego-centered demands of ‘business’ ,and reconnect with my purpose, myself, and friends who were doing the same.

I decided it was time to create this experience, for myself, and for others who crave a DIFFERENT way of doing business.

Amplify the impact you make with your work

The Amplify Retreat will be intentionally intimate, with very limited spaces available. We will stay together in a comforting, gorgeous tropical home tucked away in Bali.

We will eat the most delicious organic food, and gather together to celebrate and rejuvenate our spirits.

There will be strategic sessions to expand your work vision, creative vision and planning, journaling, reflective pauses, and insightful discussions about the work you want to build.

When you leave ,you will feel rested, restored, supported and energized. Maybe even pushed and challenged to think differently. Together, we will feel centered and confident in the meaningful work we’re called to build in our business.

It’s the perfect place to explore questions like:

Identity in your work – making the transition from doing to leading in your creative pursuits

Reach for your ideas – expanding into new body of works and projects, asking new questions, and creating new networks

Impact in your community – digging into how you can serve more powerfully and build an ecosystem of customers, collaborators, partners, and colleagues to expand your work

Inspired goals – discovering a higher calling, a bigger game, or a fresh vision

If you’re ready to explore undiscovered opportunities for your work and business, the 2019 Amplify Retreat was made for you.

It’s time to reclaim our creativity, and I am honored to hold the space. I cannot wait to meet you there.


Non-refundable deposit to hold a space | $500
*spots limited to maintain intimacy + personal attention

Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks daily (participants usually explore on their own during evenings)

5 Nights stay in a private room in Ubud, Bali

Gorgeous pools to swim and relax in

Excursions to explore and adventure in Bali

Creative vision and planning sessions to amplify your body of work

Deep dive conversations as we gather and co-create together

On-demand 1:1 coaching with me throughout the retreat

Time for reflection on your core desires for life and business

and most of all...our support, sounding board, and strategic exploration to help you amplify your plans to create + do great work.

The Low-down

We’ll deep dive, mastermind, and share brain perspective. Plus, we’ll explore, hike, and witness nature’s grandeur through some adventures together.

Day 1 | Arrival Day:  We meet you right at the airport and you’ll be whizzed to our gorgeous villa in Ubud.  You’ll get a post-plane ride massage to relax, chill by the pool, and meet Lydia for evening dinner.

Day 2 | Vision – Amplified:  We’ll start with a hearty breakfast and spend the day honing in and discussing our vision for our life and work (yes, this can go hand in hand). There will be plenty of opportunity for masterminding and deep diving into how you want to create your body of work + creative expression.

Day 3 | Unplug + Reconnect:  An epic day exploring breathtaking lush jungles and natural environments, while utilizing the ‘power of pause’ to reconnect you back to what really matters most to your life and work.

We gather to nurture new friendships, share unexplored visions for your business.  This is an opportunity for you to talk things out, get immense feedback, and get unstuck from mindset issues or beliefs that hold you back from building a business of your dreams.

Day 4 | Plan With Intention:  This day, we ‘look under the hood’ of your business plan and realign soulful goals to the way you build and grow your business.

We’ll talk about your packages, how you can market authentically, share your voice, find great clients, and get excited about how you show up in your business!

Surprising things may show up this day, like a revival of a project you’ve been putting off in the backburner, or getting brave to launch something you didn’t think you were ready for.

Day 5 | Inspired Action:  We get together for masterminding, discussion, and strategic planning.  Taking what you’ve reflected and masterminded with the group, we’ll work together to create an aligned plan of action (and a way you can get to your goals by being YOU)

Day 6 | Departure Day:  We celebrate all the insights you have gathered in our intimate time together.  You’ll have the chance to join in optional opportunities or simply gather with attendees over great food & drink before you head home.

Ready to say yes?