Hi, I’m Lydia!

I help you build a profitable and purposeful business that creates the freedom you crave.

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Reinvent the Way You Make a Living

If you’re ready to leave the 9-5 behind and gain autonomy for your time and lifestyle choices, it’s time to build a business that gives you the life you want.

I help corporate employees transition from their 9-5 into a business they love, that’s designed from their strengths, values, and personality.

What Business Should I Start?

Discover your ideal business to start based on
your personality and “genius-zone”.

I’m living my dream life. Beaches, rice paddies, coconuts, and sunsets, all while doing work that I find fulfilling and meaningful. I would absolutely not be here as quickly if it wasn’t for Lydia. I needed a clear path to freedom from the office taking my existing skills and creating a tangible business I can travel with. I am forever grateful!”

Ella CookFormer marketing employee who now runs her business as a digital nomad

“Lydia literally tore my lawyer suit apart and transitioned me on the road of entrepreneurship and freedom. She has frighteningly accurate emotional intuition, no-BS practical approach, and a highly infectious fearless fireball. If you are stuck in a soul-crushing rat race and serious about making the shift, I highly recommend working with her.

Elaine Sui  – Former Lawyer Who Started the First Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty E-comm Platform in Hong Kong

Lydia is the reason behind many of my personal breakthroughs this year.
I started my coaching practice and launched corporate trainings with some of the biggest organizations in Singapore. I’ve been able to fearlessly tackle my personal and creative challenges head-on with the laser focus coaching!”

Daniel Lim – 7-Figure Entrepreneur & Finalist for Best Business Podcast for the Asia Podcast Awards

“If you’re open to changing your habits and belief systems, and truly want to be pushed out of your comfort zone to create a life and work balance of your dreams, Lydia is your coach. Working with her changed my life and my approach to work entirely. I cannot go back now, only forward, and I’m excited for the years ahead. I no longer dread work!

Tracy.L – Former 9-5 engineer who doubled her income with a consulting business

“Lydia coaching came along at the right time when I was ready to go beyond ‘sugar-coated’ support. She helped me know my own value and her coaching facilitated me step-by-step to move into a new line of work that expresses my full potential and gifts. I no longer have any excuses to keep playing it small!

Diane Hopkins – Former Academic Turned International Speaking and Book Coach

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