Mastermind With Like-Minded People Just Like You

So you can have accountability and grow your business week by week

The 90 Day Mastermind brings together an intimate group of people that are creating, building, and launching businesses for weekly hot seats, strategic discussions, and most importantly, to execute on their big ideas.

You’ll be working not only on creating great work and your business each week, but gaining the private council of support of the people who are committed to your success.

Each week’s session by me, Corporate Escape Coach & Small Business Strategist, Lydia Lee. I get ‘handsy’ (not that kind) with you and your unique challenges and needs for your ideal business goals.

Your mastermind members contribute by sharing their own experience, expertise, and point of view. Imagine how your ideas can grow when you have the collective intelligence power of a group to create action each and every week.

During our 3 months together, you will have:

Clarity on what you should be focusing on each week (say goodbye to overwhelm of doing ‘all the things’)

Prioritized your workload so you are always working on things that matters most

Acquired the missing gap of knowledge and skills to create and grow your business

Implemented strategic experiments in different areas of your business idea (marketing, sales, product development, testing) and be able to learn from doing

Moved past limiting fears or self doubt to pursue your project and your goals


What have others achieved in 90 Days?

Danny created his course and started creating strategic content to build interest for his beta program launch.

Pam ran her first virtual weekend workshop, developed new ideas for online offerings through audience listening, and started launching her writing retreat.

Vika facilitated beta workshops and started building a strong audience for her paid programs to offer educational trainings to her community.





For years I want to leave the job I love and my good career, but working with Lydia encouraged me, gave me solutions of what to do in my business stage, how I will get to my goals, and also who my target market should be. I love this group program – the intimacy, and how we support each other. I found the learnings match with my needs and now I am implementing what I’ve learned in my business.


Costa Rica


Lydia is a fantastic guide that has created a thorough journey for starting a business – her approach is novel in that she gets to the root of why you want to do it and then helps you builds strong foundations that work regardless of what direction you take with the business. The group was eclectic and the variety of backgrounds and experiences really added to the program – not to mention the very kind support everyone offered.


United Kingdom


I started to work with Lydia after a four month break from working on my business. After four weeks of working with Lydia – ​​​​and ​​​​after busting a few fears with her – I had a brand / logo, website mock-up and pitch developed and I presented my new business idea to a room packed with people.  She’s intelligent, has a massive amount of knowledge and she’s extremely focused which is something I really value.


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