So you’re ready to make the leap!

You’ve been steadily building your biz while working a day job and your freedom date is quickly approaching.  You’ve developed your exit strategy, saved some cash and maybe even developed a business plan.  You’ve done all the responsible things to get ready for post-cubicle success.  In other words you are ready to Rock. This. Shit.

This journey, from employee to entrepreneur has been a long and arduous one.  You’ve encountered everything from feeling like you have multiple personalities to the discouragement that came from knowing some friends and family didn’t fully support you.  But you did it for the dream, and now you’re living that dream.

As you prepare to leave your day job for your dream work, don’t ease off the gas.  Now is the time for you to continue digging deep, harnessing the drive and the fire that got you to this point.  You have done all the right things to prepare for this transition, but there are a few more things you can do to really gear up for entrepreneurial greatness!

Here are 4 post-day-job must-do’s that will help you really hit the ground running when you crash your cubicle!


Get your mindset right


Get Your Mindset Right

You have to believe you’re ready to rock the shit out of your business.  You need to be confident in yourself and all the work that you’ve done to bring you to this point and confident in knowing that you will continue to work and hustle hard.  It’s not like you just woke up with the idea that you want to be an entrepreneur and did it same day.  No.  You worked your ass off to get to this point.

Keep going, but do it with the mindset and understanding that you are an expert in what you do.  No one does what you do in the same way.  When you own your expertise, you’ll exude confidence and in turn, will help others feel more confident in doing business with you.


Get a Routine

When I was getting ready to leave my day job, I was becoming increasingly overwhelmed with the idea of all the flexibility and “free time” I would have.  After all, I was running a business all the while spending 8 hours a day in my day job cubicle.  I was worried that I wouldn’t have the motivation or self-control to properly fill these 8 hours with real work, rather than busywork, when I was finally the one dictating my time.

Routine is absolutely necessary.  It provides the structure for the day so you don’t have to spend time figuring out “what’s next?”, and end up aimlessly chasing every new shiny object that crosses your path.  When you bust out of your cubicle, don’t crash and burn because you try to do all the things, all at once.


Get In People’s Faces

Now is not the time to play small!  Now is the time to play big!  If you haven’t been working on it already, you need to establish yourself as an expert in your field.  Share your thoughts on social media.  Offer free, yet massively valuable, content to your email list.  Blog.  Vlog.  Podcast.  Do it frequently and more importantly, consistently.  Invade your network’s inboxes with your face, your voice, and your thoughts. Get in media.  Sign up for HARO and offer your two-cents on topics you know a lot about.  Become the household name in what you do.

This all goes back to the Know, Like, Trust factor.  If you stay visible and vocal, growing and maintaining your online presence, your potential customers and clients will have a much easier time finding you.  Get in their faces so they don’t have to look very far when they are ready for what you have to offer.


Get a Tribe

People need people.  You are no different.  If you haven’t already, get yourself a business coach.  They have a vested interest in your success, and are paid to support you in your entrepreneurial journey.  Make sure to network with other entrepreneurs. They can commiserate and celebrate with you.  I love networking with other business owners on social media.  It’s amazing the connections that you can make, and the support you can receive.  Join a mastermind group where you can bounce your ideas off of others and get immediate and valuable feedback so you aren’t floundering wondering if something might work.

Don’t try and go this alone.  You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”?  Well, it takes a tribe to build a business.  It’s amazing how tightly-knit the entrepreneurial community is and how nearly everyone will go out of their way to help you be your absolute best.  Lean on this resource.  They are there for you.

So this is it!  As you reflect on the sheer effort and work that got you to this point, revel in how far you’ve come.  You’ve built a business, even when time was scarce.  Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished.  And then keep moving forward.

*guest post by Kamara Toffolo


kk-046Kamara Toffolo is a Career and Leadership Coach for Corporate Misfits!  She helps working professionals either commit to or quit corporate by figuring out what work WORKS for them.  Whether they want to excel in the corporate world or follow their hearts and break-free from the rise and grind, Kamara helps her clients get clear on what they want so they can go out and get it!  You can find Kamara at https://kamaratoffolo.com and also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram‚Äč.