Freedom Mindset

3 Mindset Shifts to Make Right NOW to Start Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

With Lydia Lee

Shifting From an “Employee” Mindset to an “Entrepreneurship” Mindset Opens the Door for You to Create Autonomy Over Your Work Life.

Having creative control over how you make a living where you aren’t trapped in a 9-5 requires you to start thinking differently.

The fears you may have about taking the leap is SUPER normal.

We’ve been conditioned to think about “work” in a traditional trajectory, and it’s time for you to expand the possibilities for doing work on your terms.

I want to share with you the 3 Mindset Shifts to Make Right NOW to Start Thinking Like an Entrepreneur 🧠.

When You Watch The Video, You’ll Learn:

  • The biggest shifts to make when moving from an employee to entrepreneur mindset.
  • How you can creatively repurpose what you know into a business (even if you believe you have to start from scratch).
  • Why you’ll never do your work the same way you’ve done it before if you design a ‘job’ you want to wake up for.
  • The reason you don’t have to worry about competition even if there’s other people who do what you do out in the business world.

In my course, Idea to Income, I move you through each of these mindset shifts to arm you with the confidence you need to become your own boss.

In 6 weeks together, you’ll shift your perspective about how you can start making money doing what you love, you’ll be empowered knowing you can create your own version of success and freedom.

We start on March 7th and I’d love for you to join me!

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