Realign Your Life & Work

Spend 3 nights + 4 days to lead your life courageously, discover your unique gifts, and create a plan for a new way to live and work on your terms.

September 29 – October 2, 2017 | Lisbon, Portugal

Do you find yourself saying lately, “I feel I’m meant to do bigger things with my life?”

You’re looking for a new way to reinvent your life and have the bravery to pursue a dream life that wasn’t taught to you in traditional education and societal expectations.


Join me in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal, to discover how you can create a fulfilling lifestyle, repurpose your talents in a new career, and make bold changes in your life.

We’ll reconnect you with what matters most to your happiness, life satisfaction, and align you back with making conscious choices to create your most ideal life.

I’m talking about a new way of thinking + opportunities to pursue + brave action to be your fullest expression of self.


  • Collaboration with like-minded people to help you plan the route for your new life journey
  • A safe place to talk about your fears and desires for a fulfilling life
  • A private council of people to help you decide on “What’s next” for your life
  • A collective intelligence of many brains and hearts to help you focus on how you can create work that you can love, to support the lifestyle you want

Join me for an exclusive 3-day weekend for individuals supporting each other to build a purpose-driven life and career… together.

If there is something in you crying to be birthed, it’s time to get started. Lydia puts us through the tough love grinder everyday, juicing our fears, stumbling mental blocks, and everything that is in our way. At the end of this journey, you will be left with laser focus, clarity and confidence to move forward with action on your next big thing.

Daniel. L, Singapore


On Saturday, September 30th, we start our morning with a hearty breakfast and devour delicious food and coffee to prepare for a full day together.

We spend the day identifying blindspots and fear monsters that are preventing you from taking the leap towards a bigger life.

You get a chance to talk about the personal obstacles you face, and discover how to tackle those fear mongering obstacles.

The group supports and listens to you as they too, share their stories and experiences, and together, we focus on what helps you to move forward courageously.

By the end of the day, you’ll have new strategies on how to deal with fear, clear the obstacles, and give yourself the permission to go after your dreams.


On Sunday, October 1st, we explore the beautiful landmarks of Lisbon by jumping aboard a speedboat cruise. A great way to start the day!

After, we return for lunch, and focus on what’s next for you when it comes to leading a fulfilling and deeply satisfying life. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your big WHY behind your needs for your life and career.

We look at where you’ve come from, see the clues of what you desire, and how you’ll personally pursue the new purpose you want to have. It’s also the opportunity to reflect on your values (what matters most to you), and open your mind to new possibilities.

By the end of the day, you’ll have new life goals and a new perspective on what you want to achieve for your ideal life.


We spend the last day together unlocking your important goals to lead you towards a life that’s designed for you. We focus on putting what we’ve learned about you and your purpose into action.

We examine how you can bring the right support to help you achieve your goals, and set things in motion for what you’ll put time and energy to when you go home.

Armed with your private council of like-minded peers and accountability partners, we help you make decisions that are most impactful to your new life choices.

In the afternoon, we depart together with a newfound understanding on what makes us tick, and celebrate your courage to steer your life purposeful towards a direction you want to go.

Going from confused and overwhelmed to confident and focused is no easy task – Lydia skillfully pulled it off! If you really want to move on from working for other people and do your own thing, this is the place to get started.

Lucia. G, Costa Rica


We’ll be staying and collaborating in an intimate home where we have the privacy and space to mastermind together.

Situated in the heart of Lisbon, you’ll enjoy a comfy and spacious environment, lovely accommodation, and meals for breakfast and lunch.


You arrive by plane to Lisbon International Airport (LIS). International flights service this airport and you should be able to get here easily.


  • 3 nights’ accommodation in the heart of Lisbon at our space together
  • Breakfast and lunch on Saturday
  • Breakfast and lunch on Sunday
  • Breakfast on Monday
  • 2 days of coaching and lots of time for individual attention and group collaboration
  • Speedboat tour of Lisbon

Your investment for this 3 nights + 4 days immersive experience to lead your life courageously, discover your unique gifts, and create a plan for a new way to live and work on your terms, is $1,200 USD.

Wow! I loved the retreat! I finished knowing there was still lots of work to do if I wanted to build my own business, but feeling it was possible and I was excited to see what would come next. I feel positive about my future knowing that I can create something that will not only give me more freedom and purpose, but will also be of service to others.

Amy. F, Canada


A deeper sense in self confidence

Everything you want in your life is a deeper reflection of who you are. You find your purpose when you strengthen the connection between your values, truths, and intentions. Creativity happens. Opportunities appear.

A 360 degree shift of perspective

Mindset is the #1 advantage you’re going to have when creating your next big thing in the world. When you intentionally surround yourself with like-minded people and have the space to shift your thinking to receive more positive outcomes, your dreams become reality.

A plan of action to reinvent your life and career

Your new life deserves a plan so you can create the momentum necessary to bring it to life. We get into the nitty gritty of your purpose and your big dreams. You’re going to be able to jumpstart the lifestyle and business you deserve in this nurturing retreat by knowing the right action to make it happen after you leave.


I’m Lydia Lee, the Founder and Corporate Escape Coach of Screw The Cubicle, a movement to inspire people to break free from the shackles of conventional work. After leaving my six figure job in Canada years ago in pursuit of a path less conventional, this had led me to now be an advocate for career freedom, and meaningful work with purpose.

From building businesses to forging freelance careers, I’ve helped hundreds of talented professionals repurpose their skills to create better versions of their careers and become better versions of themselves.

I have dedicated the last 4 years to inspire and train entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals to create meaningful work lives by teaching them how to combine their strengths and passions to maximise their value in the marketplace.

My experience and work have been published in Forbes, The Huffington Post, and featured in Elle Canada and The Telegraph newspaper.

I cannot wait to help guide you to discover and create your ideal life and career to bring you more meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction.