On the fence about making the decision to go ‘all in’ on your cubicle escape goals and dreams of starting a business?

Taking your leap and committing to getting the right support and mentorship you need is important. And I too, want to make sure you’re a good fit for the Academy of Cubicle Crashers.

Since opening the enrolment to the Academy, I've had some questions come in from you, so I thought I'd take a moment to answer those questions here for everyone.

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How do I know the Academy of Cubicle Crashers is right for me?

The Academy is a perfect fit for you, if you’re transitioning from a 9-5 existence and need support, and also if you’re someone who have quit your job, but new to your business.

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    You’re the right fit for the Academy if you’re a new entrepreneur and/or you’re in the stage of creating a business or side hustle idea.
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    You are an ideal fit for this community if you share these common goals and values (and will receive the utmost value from it!)
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    You’re passionate about creating meaningful work
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    You see your business as a service-based business (‘the business of helping people directly’)
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    You want to feel a sense of purpose in how you make a living
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    You’re driven by more than just money in your business

I’m multi-passionate and aren’t clear about what business should start - is this program right for me?

Welcome to a high quality problem of being talented in many areas :) It’s quite normal for modern day careerists to be multi-passionate and have interests in different things.

We know that picking the right direction for your work is really important to feel motivated to build a business! Because of this, we guide you to find your focus and help you to blend your skills/interests in our Find My Niche masterclass, offered for FREE in our Academy’s platform, only for community members.

You’ll then utilize the community members and mentorship with Lydia to validate your niche in the program.

I’m currently working full-time in my corporate job, will I be able to work on my side hustle at the same time?

Absolutely! We have designed the Academy specifically for working professionals. We understand that you have busy lives, and we have created this program to work in conjunction with this. In our Kickoff Session together, we guide you to carve out the time, commit to a schedule, have better time management, and help you master your productivity.

Everything from the Learning Labs, Mastermind Sessions, Guest Experts, Tribe Talks, and Coworking Sessions held every single month will be recorded in our platform for easy access.

You’ll use the platform as a space of resource and trainings in your 12 month at the community. You can dive into learnings at your own pace. To truly commit to this program, we suggest that you attend the ‘live’ sessions each month (Mastermind Sessions + Coworking Sessions), and utilize the FB group weekly to really get the most out of the community.

I don’t know where to start. Will the Academy of Cubicle Crashers help me in defining my goals?

We definitely make sure that every community member has a clear intention and plan of focus BEFORE the Academy officially starts.

We do this through our Kickoff Session, where we help you plan out your big picture goals for the year, and also the laser focus plan for the first 90 days.

As we work together each month, we’ll also be supporting you on pivoting and shifting your goals and plans as you do the work (because this happens!). The constant check-in with ensuring where you’re going is where you want to go is essential for consciously creating your plan.

Will I get direct access to Lydia?

If you ever speak to anyone who has ever worked with Lydia, you’ll know that the biggest feedback they give is how involved and focus she is to the people she helps and their goals.

At the Academy, Lydia will be available every single week at the private community group to be there to give you immediate answers and guidance (say goodbye to doing it yourself and endless ‘googling’).

She’ll be coaching and mentoring the community group every month in the Mastermind Sessions, and facilitating the Coworking Sessions. Show up for these calls to receive mentorship from Lydia.

Every member will get opportunities to be a ‘Hotseat‘ for Mastermind Sessions each month, where you’ll get a spotlight session during the call for Lydia to focus on how you can move forward with a specific problem you may have. 

Why is the program 12 months?

Transitioning from your 9-5 and creating a sustainable business isn’t an overnight thing. In the many years we’ve worked with individuals who have successfully done this, the average working professional that works 40 hours/week and starting a side hustle takes an average of 9-12 months to succeed.

We’ve also discovered that 12 months helps people to commit FULLY to their goals and dreams. Not a half hearted attempt or a short term commitment. One of the biggest mistakes people make is checking out before they should (usually when the going gets tough).

This also helps us to curate a serious community that are in it as a long term game. They won’t be wishy washy, and you’ll get even more value from these types of people as your community members.

What does the Agenda look like?

We’ll kick-off the program with a 2-hour planning session, where we’ll be tackling:

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    Scarecited Goals: Your most important goals for the next 12 months
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    Jumpstart Jiggy: Your first 90 Days mapped out
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    Fear-mongering Monsters: Your fears, self-sabotaging ways and potential roadblocks
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    Staging the Scene: Time management, commitment & daily practices

Every month, you’ll be a part of interactive learning, mentorship, and supportive discussions like…

Learning Labs
Every first week of the month starts with a new Teaching Module. In these in-depth trainings, Lydia teaches on life transition planning, mindset, productivity, starting a business/freelance career, and more!

Every month there’ll be focused mentorship for community members to receive spotlight sessions with Lydia in our live group calls.

Guest Experts
Learn from guest teachers and mentors who offer exclusive education relevant to your leap journey.

Tribe Talks
We share real stories and strategies from other ‘leapers’ who have successfully transitioned and reinvented their lives to inspire you.

Coworking Hours
To focus on your actions, gain accountability, and collaborate together on your leap plans.

Who are the experts teaching for the Academy?

The experts are a great mix between specialists, corporate escapees, digital nomads and career & life coaches. These are wonderfully curated experts that truly bring even more immense value to helping you bravely go forth in your new life.

Will the price always be $197/month?

No. The $197/month are a kickass inaugural price that will never be this low again. It’s a special price for the Academy’s “Founding Members”, who are the early adopters and will help shape the future of the Academy. Get in on this awesome rate! 

Why do I have to join the Academy of Cubicle Crashers now? Can I also join later this year?

Don’t wait for the right time to come as there will never be “the right time”. Learn how you can design your dream life NOW and don’t wait until you are 65 to indulge in.

We will offer additional intakes (2-3 times/year) but the Founding Members’ price of $197/month will never be this low again. 

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

No. If you sign-up, you’ll commit to the Academy for 12 months. In my years of helping people successfully transition from employee to entrepreneur, I know how important full commitment is to create lasting change and to get to the results you’re seeking.

You’ll see from the testimonials we have from previous community members that intimacy and personal attention is my jam. I am 100% committed to your success, as long as you show up for yours.