I want to help you create your dream business.


One where you get to do work that gives you meaning. A life on your own terms. Where you are the boss.

I’ve been able to do it and I want the same for you.


Living life on my own terms

I’m now based in Bali with my business that goes wherever I go. All I need is my laptop, a good wifi connection, and I can work from anywhere.

Plus I get to help other people create and grow their dream business – by working with them in 1:1 and group coaching programs and teaching online courses and live retreats around the world.

This year I’ve been featured in Forbes Magazine and Huffington Post and retweeted by Sir Richard Branson, and shared by Tim Ferriss. Now I’m being invited to do speaking gigs and run live workshops.

But it didn’t start this way.


It started with a breakdown.

I quit my corporate job in Canada after I lost my shit (a.k.a. had an emotional breakdown) on a business trip to Moscow.  I felt frustrated that I was working really hard to make other people rich.

On paper I was a success. I had a high power job in marketing and business, making close to six figures and got to travel all over the world.

But I wasn’t happy…

Despite my success I was living for my vacations. I had to ask myself: ”Is this all there is?”

I was good at my job. I even enjoyed some parts of what I did. It just wasn’t enough. I needed something more meaningful. Work I could be proud of.



Putting the purpose back into my work

I realized if I wanted to feel truly fulfilled I needed work that helped other people and left a postive impact on the world.

What I really wanted was to enjoy what I did for a living so I could forget what was work and what was play. To feel free to express myself and follow what I believed was important.

So I moved to Bali with just an idea and a brave determination to make it work.

I didn’t start off doing what I’m doing now. Screw the Cubicle started as a business helping corporate prisoners break free of their 9-to-5 jobs and find the financial freedom to live abroad.

As the business grew I discovered what I most enjoyed was helping other people monetise their skills into a business that was meaningful to them.

Now I teach professionals that have already achieved success in their careers how to turn their work experience and skills into profitable businesses that help other people. Work that allows them to be their own boss and express their unique personality and passions.


Hitting my sweet spot

My success didn’t happen overnight. I’ve learnt a lot about how to build an online business for people who want to leverage their skills to become coaches or consultants who work 1:1 to help clients.

Now I know exactly how to fast-track the process of launching and growing a business by getting the foundation of what you do really clear and testing it before you leap.

Creating a dream business has only been possible for me and my clients because we’ve:

  • Got over our fear of quitting and found the courage to create a new business
  • Tested our business ideas and showed up even when we weren’t ready
  • Asked for help when we didn’t have the expertise, strategy or tools that we needed

I’m here to teach you what has worked for me and all my clients. To help you create and grow your dream business.